Like many of you, I started riding motorcycles when I was a kid. That was 1971. My first bike
was a Montesa 125GP.  At the time, it was a fairly competitive bike. A year later I was riding
Yamaha's first production motocross the desert.  I managed to get 250 yards off the
starting line before crashing and breaking my collar bone. Having had my fill of desert riding, I
switched over to motocross. In the early 1970's, Southern California was the mecca for
motocross and there was no shortage of tracks to race on.  I eventually switched over to a
REAL motocross bike, a 1973 CZ250 then a 1974 CZ250. Those were the days!

I got back into motocross bikes in 1994 when my son came home with a motorcycle that was
painted yellow......completely, tank, wheels, everything!  As I looked at it in utter
amazement, it began to look familiar.....a 1979 Husqvarna 390.  I convinced my son that only
real men could ride and appreciate one of these relics and he reluctantly turned it over to
me.....that's when this whole nightmare began!

I've been restoring motocross bikes ever since.  The first few bikes were pretty rough and
certainly weren't going to win any awards.  But as time went on, I started meeting people who
were afflicted with the same disease and who had much more talent in restoration then I.  I'm
a quick study and soon my bikes started looking like the real deal.  When the stable hit around
forty bikes, my wife suggested I attend one of those 12 step programs to cure this
disease........when that didn't work, "she forced me" to build a 1500 square foot garage on the
lower lot and take my bad habit elsewhere.

After collecting and restoring for many years, I have had the privilege to meet a lot of very
good people who share the same passion and who have taught me a lot.

Back in early 2007, a friend sent me a photograph of a 1974 "works" CZ (thanks Eric!). The
picture had clearly been taken recently as there were cars in the background that were
European and very new.  My first thoughts were, "I thought all those works bikes had been
destroyed by the factories at the end of each season". Well that clearly wasn't the case....and
now my interests had peaked...were there more out there?

Now keep in mind, when I got this photo, I didn't believe that any works bikes still existed and
surely couldn't tell you were to find one. Well that has changed.  The bikes do exist and they
can be had....maybe even by a motocross enthusiast like me!

It's kind of funny now, looking back at it.  A year ago, I couldn't tell you anything about works
bikes and now, I have had the opportunity to travel throughout California and even to Europe
to  view some of the most incredible collections of vintage works bikes in the world and now I
even own a few.  It's one thing to see one of these wonders in a magazine but to sit on one is
a whole different experience, one I hope every motocross enthusiast like me has a chance to

The purpose of this site is to share some of the bikes I have restored over the years and
some of the works bikes I have collected.  Because I hope to include works bikes from friends
I have meet, who in some instances do not want to be identified, the owners of the works
bikes shown here will in most cases not be identified.  Having said that, I still wanted the
opportunity to show these wonderful bikes to those of you who have not yet found the right
doors to open.  I invite comments about this site as it will be changing constantly.  If these
bikes become available, it is my intent to create a mechanism for collectors to discretely
market their inventory to those who have an interest in collecting  these "works of art".

Clay Setzer
Welcome to Flashback Racing
1975 works CZ