1975 Works CZ
This bike is fairly original with the exception of the fenders, seat cover and side panels
which were replaced many years ago.  The original front fender is shown in one of the
photographs.  The owner is still looking for the rear fiberglass fender to this bike.  
Sand cast magnesium 250cc motor.  Aluminum hand formed air box, works shocks and Makuni Carb
Standard CZ brake pedal.  Look closely at the engine cases.  You will see how different they are from standard production CZ
cases.  The majority of parts used in production engines will not interchange with the works motors.
Czech engineering.  Though very functional, the reed block has to be taken apart in sections to  completely remove it.  The
cylinder is also sand cast.
Slotted aluminum brake stay arm, extended brake lever, works CZ shocks....standard equipment on a works CZ.
Sand cast magnesium upper triple clamps
Correct inner fiberglass blue fender
Correct blue fiberglass front fender