Featured here is a 1974 works CZ400. The bike was found by the current owner in Ohio
around 1995.  After purchasing the bike, he set out to restore it.  Most of the bike was in good
shape however the original pipe was cut up and basically unusable.  It was restored by a
friend who thought it was going to be a show unusable.  It was restored by a friend who
thought it was going to be a show piece.  Per the owner, it was way over done and not period
correct...gold painted
Shortly after the original restoration, the owner striped the bike down and set it up to race. The
shock angel was returned to period correct 1974 .The owner raced the bike for several
seasons in local vintage events.  Having ridden both production CZ's and now a works CZ, the
noticeably better than a production CZ and produces significantly more horsepower.

The bike is currently going through it's third restoration which will return it to it's old glory, red
frame, aluminum coffin tank etc.  Once the restoration is complete, the owner has agreed to
allow those photos to be published as well.    
1974 Works CZ400
This is the completed bike after the first restoration. The frame was painted blue to match Paul Friedrich's  1972 works
CZ. This bike when found had the Marzocchi front forks.
The bike originally came with a works peanut tank shown below however, it was later fitted with the CZ RV400 model
aluminum fuel tank. The pipe had to be made as the original one was hacked up beyond use.
Petty fenders were used on the front and rear.  The owner raced this bike successfully for several seasons.  As he
said, "these bikes were built to be raced, so I raced it!"
Race trim package!  It doesn't get any better than that!!
Sand cast magnesium cases, aluminum air box, works modified foot pegs, Mikuni carburetor.  
Inside the motor. Notice that the primary gear has been drilled out....extensively!
Port work to accommodate the reed cage!
Current frame under restoration.