Ake's face after muddy race at Apolda ...
I like this photo very much ! I took it during heavy rain at the same race in East Germany. AKE is overtaking another rider having
a more "comfortable" and "dry" path...( is it Jeff Smith ? ), to complete this overtake under such slippery conditions, AKE has
thrown himself and Husky in the middle of the pond creating wide shower behind him...
Jean Marie MATHEZ on a Hedlund 500
Swedish HEDLUND 500 MX ( with  Metisse tank & seat and probably SWEDISH "SOH" frame.)
Roger DeCoster on a CZ250
Roger DeCoster on a Suzuki circa 1972
Roger DeCoster on CZ
Roger DeCoster on CZ..I took this photo with a relatively slow shutter speed so the wheels show movement to
express speed while Roger's boot's a sharp...
3 more of my vintage photos showing KEITH HICKMAN (BSA Victor) in action during 1968 MX GP of East Germany.
Ake on a Husqvarna
Justyn Norek Photography
The photos contained on this page were taken by Justyn Norek and
are the property of Justyn Norek Photography
Torsten Hallman
New photos from Justyn Noreh Photography
The photos contained on this page were taken by Justyn Noreh and are the property of Justyn Noreh Photography
Miroslav Halm
Jaroslav Falta
Brad Lackey on a CZ
Clement Desalle
Bengt Aberg
Clement Desalle
Brian Wade on a Greeves
Torsten Hallman
Torsten Hallman
Keith Hickman
Kevin Strijbos
Joel Robert on a Suzuki
Sverre Haugerud
Bultaco/CZ hybrid
Jeff Smith and Justyn Noreh at the 1968 East German 500MX
Ake on a Husqvarna
Uno Palm
Tony Cairoli
DeCoster on a CZ
Additional Photos Coming Soon
Uno Palm