Jaroslav Falta
Jaroslav today...riding his son's bike!
Jaroslav then....with his brother Cermak making last
minute checks on his works CZ.
Jaroslav discussing tactics with his coach, Helikar
Jaroslav gets some air while the Italian MX team watches
Jaroslav Falta (born 1951) is a former motocross racer from
the Czech Republic. As a member of the CZ factory racing the
Czech Republic. As a member of the CZ factory racing team,
Falta was one of the top motocross racers of the early 1970s
in the F.I.M. 250cc motocross World Championships. He
almost won the 1974 250cc world championship, however
Russian riders used questionable tactics during the final race
of the season to secure the title for Guennady Moisseev.  Falta
is remembered for winning the 1974 Superbowl of Motocross
at the Los Angeles Coliseum, against some of the best riders
in the world.

The following photos are from the Jaroslav's private
collection. They were provided to
Vintageworksbikes.com by
Jaroslav's daughter Martina Similio.  We will be adding
pictures regularly so please check back.
The following photos are compliments of Jiří Kryštof
Falta and Halm at Wohlen Switzerland 1974
Falta 2015!
1975 MXoN Winners...Falta, Velký, Churavý, Nováček, Baborovský........2015!