Here is the history as shared by the current owner:

I purchased this bike from Kurt himself.  The bike had been stored since the last GP of 1987 , when the bike
was given to him from Kawasaki UK.  It was left in the Nicol workshop attic  for 22 years, until I purchased it.  It
has everything left as it was, not run since 1987. All I have done is check and clean the bike lightly.  It runs

The history of the 87 SR.

The bike was designed for Georges Jobe.  He had many failures on the 86 bike,  yokes snapping, and other
failures,  so Jobe was in no mood for a shabby 87 factory bike, if he was to re-sign with them.  They enlisted  
Johan Luytons of Belguim, as his mechanic who is a superb engineer.  Over the winter, Jobe won some
Supercross events on the production 87, so all was looking good in the Kawasaki camp. Then suddenly he
jumped ship, to run his own team with  Honda........

The bikes were given to Kurt,  along with head mechanic Johan Luytons.
The bike was modified to suit Kurt,  the detail on this bike is amazing,  even the hubs are machined for weight,  
the bike is a full factory works bike..

Factory carb, factory frame, factory sub-frame, factory seat, factory rads, factory swing arm and factory billet
linkage.  The suspension, front and rear, are factory.  Only production parts are plastics.. even left hand rad
cowl is pre production 88! Airbox is factory, along with fuel tank and Hitachi ignition. The engine has factory
casings, SR cylinder, special gears,  clutch and titanium bolts everywhere.  Sand cast clutch cover, and hand
made solid billet yokes.  The bike still has Kurts Renthal bend bars, and his mushroom favourite grips!

I have spoken to Alec Wright awhile back to gain more light on the factory SR. As Kurt explained, and Alec,  this
bike is very special in alot of ways.  Many factory bikes that turn up,  often have certain parts removed,  as Alec
expressed all Kawasaki rear suspension units were returned to Ohlins.  This SR has a works SR rear shock.
1987 Kawasaki SR500
                           Ex-Kurt Nicoll ride