1982 Suzuki RH250
Featured here is a 1982 Suzuki RH250.  The bike belongs to Ed Tashjian in California.  The
bike was raced by Georges Jobe in the 1982 250 GP World Championships.  He finished 2nd
in the series to American Rider Danny LaPorte.
The carb is a Mikuni flat sand cased out of magnesium .  The cylinder is engraved on the intake tract of  three GP's it
was used at
Engine and frame still have the impound paint marks from the tech inspector
Cases are sand cast aluminum and are completely different from the production bike
Rear shock is machined billet aluminum , as is the bell crank { linkage rocker } linkage struts are heim jointed adjustable
units .
Front fork lower legs are machined aluminum as are the triple clamps. Hubs are sand cast
You can see the rub marks from his knees through the paint right down to the aluminum . It's in fairly decent condition
with only a few dents in it .