1980 Husqvarna 390
A few words from the owner...
It took one year to restore the bike. It was in such a bad state even the engine was totally
blocked.  I bought everything, piece by piece, from different people and shops on the
Internet. The bike has matching engine and frame numbers.  I wanted original parts used in
the restoration, even the rear shocks.  I sent them to the Ohlin's Factory to be restored.  The
tank I found was the correct one for the this bike (small aluminium tank for the CR) but it
was a disaster when I got it.  I sent it to a guy I know who specialized in aluminium
restoration on fuel tanks, spare parts for bikes, cars and boats.  He had to take the tank
completely apart, repairing it from the inside little by little.  The tank was reassembled and
later painted. this guy is an artist ! (took 2 months!!