"Works" CZ aluminum coffin tank
"Works" CZ 250 Cylinder
"Works" CZ rear wheel
Front and inner fender to a "works" CZ250
Misc. Works Parts
CZ Brake Stay Arm
Aluminum airbox for a works CZ 400
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Inside a 1974 OW13 Motor
Titanium Items:
- kickstarter
- kick start bolt
- connecting rod (billet)
- front sprocket
- front sprocket spacer
- front sprocket nut
- cylinder studs
- clutch cover bolts
- crankcase bolts
- drain plug
- shift detent bolt
- crankshaft nut
- clutch hub nut
- shifter shaft
- clutch spring bolts

Magnesium Items:
- crankcases (left and right)
- clutch cover
- clutch hub

Billet Items:
- titanium connecting rod
- crankshaft flywheels
- ignition mount plate
- clutch basket

Interesting Features:
- crankshaft has tapered flywheel on ignition side. Flywheels are clearly custom balanced
with lead filling
- engine has capability to have shifting on right side (European spec)
- beautifully lightened clutch basket, shift drum and shift forks.
"Works" CZ400 motor
"Works" CZ Clutch Cover
"Works" Kawasaki SR clutch cover
Works Kawasaki SR
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Kawasaki SR cylinder and experimental forks
Honda RC500 Motor, swingarm, front forks and internals..