Misc. Works Bikes
This section will feature photos of works bikes submitted by viewers where
only a couple of photos of the bike were available.  If you would like to
show one of your
Works Bikes or Shop photos, please send them to :
The following photos are of a 1974 Works CZ 250.  The photos were taken at a bike show
in the Czech Republic. The owner of this bike is unknown. Photo by Gerard Copping
1972 Works Yamaha YZ360.  This bike has a later model OW13 motor in it.
Sand cast magnesium motor
Sand cast magnesium front hub
Sand cast magnesium thermoflow shocks and rear hub
1982 Yamaha OW41.  This 250 has an air cooled power valve motor.  This bike is out of Canada. We hope to feature
this bike in the near future with a full set of photos.
Works bike Heaven
The following photos are of a 1980's works CZ125.  The bike is water cooled and very trick!