Jiří Stodůlka
           Czech Republic
Jiří Stodůlka, another member of the formidable Czech
Republic Motocross Team has a long history in the
sport.  Racing professionally since the mid 1960's,  He
competed very successfully against many of the greats,
Robert, Kring, Aberg, Jonsson and DeCoster to name
just a few.

These photos are from his personal collection and were
submitted by Jiří Kryštof.  Thanks again Jiri and special
thanks to Jiří Stodůlka!
Jiří Stodůlka and his son - France-1988
International Six Day - Slovakia-1978
Jiří Stodůlka on the podium
Jiří Stodůlka-Czech factory Jawa rider
International Six day
International Six Day - Slovakia-1978
Hawaii - 1969:Bendt Aberg, Arne Kring, Mechanics-Viktor Lahita, Jiří Stodůlka and Roger De Coster
Hawaii - 1969:Bendt Aberg, Arne Kring and Jiří Stodůlka
Jiří Stodůlka a Joel Robert
Jiří Stodůlka - Jawa 460
Jiří Stodůlka - Italy 1970 - Jawa 460
Czech national team: Ota Toman, Miloslav Halm, Oldřich Hameršmíd and Jiří
Jiří Stodůlka and his wife
Jiří Stodůlka - Rally in Peru - 1988