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1.  Well Clay I must say you have done quite a nice job with your site . I would be honored
to            display my  bike's on your  web site . I will try to take a few nice pic's of each and get
them to      you.  Once again GREAT  job , look forward to  continued  viewing for future
Ed T.
2.  Great site. keep up the good work.   Bill
3.  Just thought i would leave some feedback great site your work in restoring these bikes
is       outstanding and a credit to the sport we love keep up the good work thanks.
4.  Great site, Thanks for the work! Linked here from KTM495 site. Mac
5.  Great site! I see your bikes on eBay now and then. Wanted to buy the cota that
Marty        Tripes got.  Again, Great  site!!!   Kevin
6.  Your the man! What a great work you have here that represents the Vintage Motocross  
sport       and  history very well!   Thanks for your dedication and great enthusiasm. Keep up the
good        work  and if there is anything i can do to help,   just give me a shout...EJ
7.  Hello, congrats on your website. I am a Suzuki collector  and have 6 beauties in my garage
in       Belgium. I see you meet Mr Kaltenberg in Germany, he has a very  nice worksbikes
collection.      Keep going!
8.  Great site, I'm a collector/restorer in Galveston Texas, I currently have 9 vintage MX'ers in
the        barn, I thought I had seen everything on the net until I stumbled upon your site, It made
my            day.  Thanks again
9.  Bravo!  You have captured the bikes and times that are most important to me.  i.e. the early
70's      and mostly euro bikes.  It is good to see the up close pics that show the sand cast parts,
the           crudeness, the simplicity.  Those bikes were no where close to "perfect" when new, and
you          have kept them as such.  Don
10.  Thanks for all the cool photos and info on your site. I'm going to pass it on to some of  
my         collector and riding friends. Keep up the good work! Rich
11.  I have a few Vintage MX photos that may be of interest to you. They are from around
2002?             When Brad Lackey flew Falta and a few other Czech riders to the US for the Sears
Point                   (Sonoma Ca.) AHRMA Race. If you can use any on the Website Great, if not you
can add to               your collection. Your Website is the BEST I've seen regarding The Toughest
Sport on Earth.           All the photos are from Negs.   Randy
12.  Hello, congrats on your website. I am a suzuki collector  and have 6 beauties in my garage in
Belgium.  I see you met Mr Kaltenberg in germany, he has a very  nice worksbikes collection.
keep going!  Dominique
13.  One of the best sites for vintage motocross fans I have ever seen.  Great work!
14. Great site! I really enjoyed checking out these great machines! Being a CZ big fan and a
prior          CZ shop racer from (the oldest Jawa/CZ shop CT.) the CZ's are especially cool for
me...                      Fantastic!...(I also have a basement with 3 SP's)...Keep up one of the coolest sites
there is on           classic MX'ers.  

15.  I just discovered your site Thank - You for creating it very nice! I'm 54 years young and
a               much again for the site it brings back great memories of the past.
Merry Christmas!

 and, as a treat when I have a free moment, I am going revisit the site which will allow me
to          revisit the exitement I felt seeing, hearing (Rick Burgett's and Chuck Sun's bikes
looked              and sounded like nothing else in the pits and they were sooo COOOOOOL) and
smelling             the factory bikes.  It truly was a wonderful time in my life and a period that, at
the time, I                 never imagined ending.  I do miss it.

I just wanted to let you know there are a bunch of us out here that have the bug and your            
site is really COOL.

Have a great day!