1982 Kawasaki SR250
Prototype SR for Kent Howerton's 1983 Kawasaki SR250
A few words from Kent regarding the history of this bike:

At the end of 82 when I was leaving Suzuki to go to Kawasaki, I test rode the race  bike at
Indian Dunes with Roy Turner. I didn't really like the race bike so I asked him what they
would let me change on the bike and he said probably anything, so we started back to
Kawasaki and upstairs over the race shop where they had all the old bikes and I saw one
that I liked, the way the frame geometry looked and we pulled it out.  It had a air-cooled
motor which we took it out and replaced with a watercooled motor. We started working
and testing it at Saddleback Park. All the information that we got from that bike went to
the factory and became the 83 SR Works bike. This bike then became my practice bike.