1982 Kawasaki SR500
                                Ex - Dave Thorpe Ride
1982 was Thorpe's first full year of racing GP's in the 500cc class.  He won
several races on this bike and finished the season in 6th place.
The 1982 SR500 was a completely different bike from the 1981 SR500.  And although they look simular
to the 1983 Production KX500, that's as far as the simularities go.....
The motor in the 82 SR500 is more production based.  It sits lower in the frame than the 81 SR500.
Originally the engine cases were sand cast, but were poor quality and were soon replaced with die cast
pre production items.
The frame is chromemoly with different geometry & tig welded
Works swingarm and chain guide.
The wheels are sand cast magnesium with special bearings,rims & spokes.
The distance between swingarm & rocker pivots are different than the 81 SR500. Rear suspension
rocker and strut are works components.
Front forks are billet 43mm with fabricated clamps. The steering angle was reduced in 1982.
Works aluminum fuel tank.