1981 Kawasaki SR500
                      Dave Thorpe's Factory SR500
Featured here is Dave Thorpe's 1981 Kawasaki
SR500. Dave Thorpe raced this bike during the
European GP season and was Kawasaki's only
works GP rider.  Considering he was still
recovering from a badly broken leg during the
1980 season, Dave's results were very

This bike was featured in VMX magazine issue
number 26.
Sand cast cases, 4 speed transmission and Titanium engine case screws.
The engine mountings at the front and rear are rubber mounted.  All barrel bolts are machined out of
solid billet steel.
Dual plug head to try and eliminate detonation.  Works forged piston.
Externally adjustable ignition system
Aluminum foot pegs.
Works aluminum swing arm with eccentric cam adjusters.  The rocker is solid billet steel.
Wheel hubs are special billet aluminum with magnesium sand-cast rear brake backing plate.   Works
DID rims with oversized stainless steel spokes.
Works 43 mm Kayaba's with magnesium billet lower fork legs.
Top triple clamp is billet magnesium and the lower triple clamp is solid billet aluminum.
Hand formed aluminum fuel tank.