1972 Factory CZ250
Greg Robertson's CZ250 Build
This was the condition of the bike when I first saw it at Marty Tripes shop in 2011
Most of the original parts were in several boxes...it appeared to be complete with the "important" pieces
still intact. The Factory frame (which later became the production 1974 "Red" frame) was straight with
original paint.
This says it all......Factory numbers confirmed thru Vitezslav Branda in Czecho!  980*72*4.....Frame
number should be #12 by the records........look below!  Bike came to the United States as a "back up" bike
This is the bike condition when I acquired it.  It had been set up for Vintage Racing.  The original parts
had been scattered around as the bike had gone thru many hands since 2011.  Fortunately, most of the
original parts were located......  The Factory motor was rebuilt by Charlie Richardson from
CR High
Performance.  Charlie said that the motor had extensive machining done to the internal parts including
the clutch basket and the transmission.  The 4 speed gear box was approx. 4oz. lighter than a production
4 speed.
The strip down begins...as does the hunt for the original parts.  As missing "original" parts were located,
they were added to the build.  Missing parts that could not be located were correctly reproduced.  The
lower "duel bolt" triple clamps and 17" brake stay arm were provided by Frank Schauer, Master
Machinist and long time CZ rider in Canada....
The original Bing carburetor and manifold were located and installed along with the original seat and
original Factory fork legs.  The hunt continued and the original pipe, fork leg protectors and other items
were found and installed later in the build.
The original KONI shocks were rebuilt by Robert Haag who is a master at rebuilding Koni shocks.  Robert
found that the shocks had machined parts in them....new O-Ring holders.  Though well done, it appeared
as though the work had not been completed and the shocks could not be assembled correctly.  They
were returned to original and the parts kept.
The restoration/preservation of this bike took approximately 2 months.  Items that could be left
untouched, were.  Other parts of the bike needed complete restoration as they were either damaged
beyond repair or the "original patina" no longer presented well.  The completed bike looks clean and well
prepped for the next race!
Greg's bike is #39.  DeSoto, walking past his bike #26.  Below is the almost completed #39 bike!
The original factory fork legs are the same length as production fork legs but are machined very
differently.  In 1974, the factory added 2" to the overall length of the forks but the "machining"
remained the same.
Factory Fork on the top
Factory Fork on the bottom
Falta's 1974 bike.  Same machining but
notice the length!
The orignal factory fork leg protectors were located and later installed.
Miroslav Halm's Factory 1972 bike.
Greg Robertson #8, coming thru the pack!  16yrs. old in this photo!
The original pipe....with dents, was freshened up only.  The "Barum Tire" decals, as shown in the
photo above (bike #39) was identified and reproduced by Clyde Williams of Old Dirtbike Warehouse.  
Brake pedal mounts to inside of the
extended plate
Machined O-Ring holder
Factory Sand Cast Aluminum head