1972 Factory CZ250
Greg Robertson's CZ250
This is Greg Robertson's 1972 Factory CZ250.  Shown in the photo #39.  John
DeSoto is walking past his Factory CZ400 #26.
Photo compliments of Jessica Robertson Lewis, Greg's daughter.
Greg Robertson, a Southern California Pro, started his career at age 10 when his father bought him and
his older brother a Minarelli motorcycle.  His first race was at Bay Mare Cycle Park at the age of 13. He
won the first moto but DNF'd the second.  Over time, Greg became a well know rider for Mid Valley Cycles
in Van Nuys, CA. Campaigning a 125cc CZ with great success.  Greg was probably best know for his win
at the Snake River MX in 1972.  Riding a custom 125cc CZ, Greg beat some of the best in the sport
including Brad Lackey, Tom Rapp, Ken Zahrt, Bill Silverthorn and Tim Hart to name a few. Greg got a
coveted Factory CZ ride in late 1972.  That Factory CZ is featured here.
Greg Robertson racing the featured Factory CZ250.....Photo compliments of Monte Mealey
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Jersey compliments of
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Vintage Iron
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